TheraTalk is a technology-based psychological service provider. Our platform provides solution to enhance your body, mind and spirit –  Our professionally trained counselors help you cope with all kinds of life issues, including anxiety, depression, parenting, questions about your child's development, stress, relationship, self-image and many more.

We offer a full range of services through online and offline channels. Start to take care of your wellbeing TODAY !




Unlimited Text Counseling

First 3 Days for FREE!

Don't wait! We provide FREE screening services to understand your current mental health state.

You can text your counselor whenever you need it. Unlimited text counseling covers two to three replies from your counselor five days per week. 

Please note the this plan is NOT a real time service, your counselor will give you REGULAR feedback but NOT IMMEDIATE communication.

Starting at $298/week


Available NOW by Appointment!


Do want to seek some advice in real time on your life's situation? 

Our real-time counseling service offers you with real-time text messaging service with our counselors to discuss your needs. Your counselor will login AT THE SAME TIME as you do and provide immediate feedback. 

This service is available upon request when you sign up for our unlimited services/ our corporate plans.

$300/30 mins, $450/60mins




You can choose to keep your identity anonymous when you talk to our counselors. All of your conversations with our counselors will be encrypted and kept confidential 



Comparing TheraTalk with traditional therapy which costs on average $600 - $2000 per hour, we provide different options on our plans to meet your specific needs, and to make sure that the services you are receiving are affordable


Our Counselors are all professionally trained in psychology, counseling, psychotherapy or social work with Master's or higher level degrees to cater your diverse needs in life

Access Anytime

You can log into our platform anytime throughout the day, decide when you want counseling all at your convenience!



TheraTalk also offers a range of offline services to individuals and corporations ranging from corporate counseling plans, corporate wellness programs, wellness and counseling groups, please contact us for more information.

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Consultation with Psychiatrist

Some psychological and mental health issues would require advice from more than a counselor or a psychologist. 

We provide our clients with the opportunity to consult with our consultant psychiatrists should there be a need for some medical advice around mental health illnesses.


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